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1 Oyuncu, İnteraktif Kurgu, Kız, Android, HTML5, Mobil, iPhone, iPad, Dokunmatik ekran | Tarih eklendi 03 Jul 2024
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"TTYL" is a point-and-click texting adventure that captures all the challenges of being a teenager with a broken phone. In this game, you’re stuck navigating the complexities of high school life using a clunky old keypad phone—no touchscreens here! You’ll need to master the art of panic and speed texting to keep up with your friends, avoid family drama, and maintain your social status. Life as a teen can be tough, especially when you’re juggling a needy boyfriend and planning for the big homecoming dance. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, your phone breaks! Now, you have to keep the conversation flowing with your friends using outdated technology, all while keeping your popularity and friendships intact. But there’s more to manage than just texts from friends. Staying on good terms with your mom is crucial since she’s the one who will decide when you get a new phone. You’ll need to navigate through incoming messages, manage calls, and most importantly, always respond on time. In “TTYL,” your entire social life depends on how well you can handle these digital dilemmas. Enjoy playing this interactive fiction gadget game here at!

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