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Enter combat with powerful mutants and fight devastating foes! The excitement of the popular Mutant Fighting Cup series returns in this all-new sequel from Y8, Mutant Fighting Arena.

Carefully choose your skills in exciting turn-based battles, and build up your mana to use more powerful attacks and abilities. Choose your moves carefully, because a slip in your strategy could be just the opening your opponent needs. Will you go on the offensive or use a supportive skill? Select wisely to crush your enemies.

Earn crystals by winning enough matches and then spend them to unlock new mutants with unique attacks and abilities. Level up your mutants by fighting battles, and spend coins to unlock new skills and make them stronger than ever before.

Are you ready to take on the new mutant fighting challenge brought to you by Y8?

Turn-based combat that requires you to think through each move.
A wide variety of skills that let you develop new strategies and fight the way you want to.
Powerful special attacks that can turn the tide of battle.
Over 15 mutants to unlock.
An exciting soundtrack to set the mood.
Play alone against the AI or online against other players.
Cross-platform multiplayer so you can enjoy online PVP battles with your friends no matter what platform they play on.

Enter Y8’s latest mutant-fighting adventure, select a mutant, and dive into the fray to prove yourself victorious!

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