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1 Oyuncu, Kan, Kanlı, Fare Becerisi, Okçuluk, Android, HTML5, Mobil, iPhone, iPad, Dokunmatik ekran | Tarih eklendi 30 Aug 2018
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Apple Shooter Remastered is an HTML5 archery game that will test your skills in targetting the apple without your friend getting hurt. You need to be a sharp-shooter in this game since the life of your friend depends on how well you target the apple. The difficulty will rise every time you successfully hit the apple. Please know that your friend's blood will surely pour once you miscalculate the distance between you and the target, you don't want to let it happen, right? So be brave and be sharp enough to target the apple. There will be a guide for you to be able to calculate the distance easily and will also help you control the direction and power when releasing the bow. This game is remastered so it has more advanced graphics than the first version - Apple Shooter. You can also play this exciting game on your mobile phones such as iPhone, Android, and even on your iPads, cool right? Play this addicting game and become an amazing Indian warrior!

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Apple Shooter Remastered
Apple Shooter Remastered
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